michelle kyle

michelle kyle


Camera in hand, a big smile on my face, doing what I love.

Photography has opened up my eyes and my life to so many beautiful moments and people and I am truly blessed to be able to work with some of the most amazing individuals, couples, and families.

It’s the true moments of love, laughter, and awe that inspire me every day in my work. (Needless to say I love a good candid.) To capture such special and memorable moments is a huge privilege and I am so thankful to say, I love what I do.

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+ Socal native

I feel like it’s rare to find someone who’s from Los Angeles, but here I am! I grew up in Valencia and currently live in Pacific Palisades. I’ve traveled the world BUT Southern California will forever be my home.  

+ Dog lover

It doesn’t matter what breed, I see a dog and my heart just melts! I am definitely one of those people who have humanized their own fur baby by spoiling my dog, Billie Jean, WAY TOO MUCH! 

To my best friend and the best man I know, Jon Brown (Yes, that’s his real name). Having been recently married myself, I’ve discovered a new insight on weddings that can only be learned by being a bride yourself! I understand all the emotions and all the things that need to be done…so all you future brides out there, I GET IT!! And one of my goals is to make your wedding day as smooth and stress free as possible! 



Let’s go places!! I found my love for traveling and experiencing new places and things when I met my husband, and together we’ve been to 10 different countries, 4 continents and dozens of amazing cities throughout the world. 


You'll rarely find me in front of the camera, as I get all stiff and clammy when I know I’m in front of the lens. I’ve become more comfortable over the years but, to my fellow "camera shy" people, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! My goal is to make this experience as smooth and as fun as possible so you feel comfortable and the so REAL YOU comes out! (Let’s Laugh, Have Fun, and Take Some Pretty Pictures together!) 


All professionalism set aside... I’m just a kid at heart, and I truly believe that life should be celebrated and enjoyed to it’s fullest capacity! (With High Heals and Cookies)

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+ I'm a mommy!

Meet Bennett & Jaclyn. My two littles just 16 months apart. (You can definitely say I have my hands full. ha!) It's 100% true what they say about becoming a mom, along with all the blessings and the challenges that come with it; and how I wouldn't dare change any of it. 

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