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Mikaela & DJ: Walnut Grove Wedding

January 14, 2017








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January 14, 2017


Another 2015 wedding favorite: Mikaela and DJ’s wedding! I’m obviously not going to throw back every wedding / engagement of my past couple years but this one definitely needs a special mention!

Mikaela was one of my first friends to get married. And her wedding has and always will be one of my favorites and one to remember for a life time. I’ve known Mikaela since we were 4 yrs old, and she is one of my oldest longtime friends. So you could say I definitely witnessed her go through different boyfriends and relationships, to only lead her to the amazing man she is married to today.

A lot of our mutual friends asked if it was weird to photograph a friend’s wedding… ABSOLUTELY NOT! I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! As a photographer I get to spend probably the most time with the bride a groom. Where as a guest, you’re usually lucky to get a 5min conversation in of congratulations and best wishes. #winning. 🙂 Plus as a bonus, I get to do something I love; so even thought I am “working”, I’m having so much fun!!!  And to be able to provide an amazing service for one of my dearest friends is truly and honor and privilege and I am so lucky to have been a part of their big day.

Venue: Walnut Grove Weddings | Planner: Velvet Alley Events | Florist: A Beautiful Day Productions | Catering: Command Performance Catering



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